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Vietnam Confirms Death The of 10-Year-Old Boy Trapped in a 35-Meter Well

BayRadio | January 5, 2023

A total of 350 people had worked to bring the child out alive but, unfortunately, the Vietnamese authorities had confirmed his death.

This Wednesday, the Vietnamese authorities reported the death of the 10-year-old boy who, just four days ago, fell into a hollow cement pile 35 meters deep, in the area of Dong Thap, south of the Vietnamese territory.

However, the body has not yet been recovered. The vice president of the province, Doan Tan Buu, has indicated that the child has been presumed dead after those four days. Now, the priority is to recover the dead body of the boy to return it to his family, according to information provided by the local media VNExpress.

The young boy was called Thai Ly Hao Nam and was only 10 years old. Last Saturday, he went to the construction works of a bridge of the province, along with three neighbours, to collect metal. However, the bad fortune caused him to fall down the cement pile 35 meters deep and only 25 cm in diameter.

The security cameras of the place recorded the event and you can see perfectly how the child disappears, while walking through the irregular terrain of the area. During the first moments after the unfortunate event, the minor can be heard asking for help but, after a while, he stopped reacting.
The rescue team tried to remove the land around the pilote in order to rescue the boy but, given the possibility of breaking, they abandoned the plan. Also, this Wednesday they tried to place a steel pillar of one and a half meters in diameter around the pile to minimise friction and subsequently use cranes to lift it.

Since the unfortunate incident, a total of 350 people have been involved in the rescue of the child, so he could continue breathing, drinking and eating. Unfortunately, the work was of no use.

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