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A 12-year-old Boy Inserts a Thermometer into his Penis and is Operated Urgently

BayRadio | January 12, 2023

The thermometer had been inserted by a practice known as ‘probing’, with the aim of receiving sexual pleasure.

A 12-year-old boy underwent emergency surgery after inserting a thermometer into his penis. The minor intended to receive sexual pleasure. This occurred in China.

The minor suffered severe pain for nine hours. He apparently pushed the object deep inside, complicating the extraction. The lead author of the case report, Dr. Changxing Ke, said that the child introduced the object into his penis as a result of “feelings of curiosity” and “lack of sex education”.

The thermometer had been introduced by a practice known as ‘probing’, with the aim of receiving sexual pleasure. The X-ray image shows how the thermometer had been inserted into the minor’s bladder.

The young man suffered intense pain until he was urgently operated on, because apparently and according to the X-rays, the thermometer had been inserted deep into the urinary tract until it reached the bladder.

The situation complicated the extraction process, as it included the possibility of the object getting stuck, losing or scarring the internal tissues and perforating the bladder.

The urologists who operated on the child decided to remove the thermometer by cutting into the bladder instead of doing it in a traditional way. This was explained in the ‘Asia Journal of Sugery’.

The operation was successful, although there are no details as to whether the minor had suffered any long-term complications after the event.

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