The Singer Marilyn Manson, Denounced for Sexually Assaulting a Minor

todayFebruary 1, 2023

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The spotlight is again on Marilyn Manson. The 54-year-old singer has been denounced for sexually assaulting a minor. The events allegedly occurred in the 1990s, at the beginning of his career, although the victim has not decided to sue until now.

Marilyn Manson is facing a new lawsuit for a sex crime. The 54-year-old singer has been denounced in the Supreme Court of Nassau County in Long Island (New York) by a woman who claims that he raped her on several occasions when she was a minor.

The events occurred in the 1990s, making this the first lawsuit to focus on sexual crimes that allegedly occurred at the beginning of Manson’s career. The above allegations relate to events around 2010. On the other hand, it is also the first time that his then record companies, Interscope and Nothing Records, are listed as defendants.

The plaintiff, now an adult woman, identified as Jane Doe, has filed charges of sexual assault and intentional imposition of emotional distress against Brian Warner (real name of the singer), as well as negligence and intentional imposition of emotional distress against their record labels

Jane Doe claims in the lawsuit that she met Marilyn Manson in 1995 after a concert in Dallas when she was 16. Apparently, the singer invited her and a friend to get on his bus, where he asked them their age and school year and wrote down their addresses and phone numbers.

“While on the tour bus, the defendant performed several acts of criminal sexual conduct on the plaintiff, who was a virgin at the time, including, but not limited to, forced intercourse and vaginal penetration. One of the gang members saw the defendant sexually assaulting the plaintiff, who was hurt, scared, upset, humiliated and confused. After it ended, the defendant Warner laughed at her… He then demanded the plaintiff get off the bus and threatened the plaintiff that if she told anyone, he would kill her and her family,” says the lawsuit, that has been obtained from the woman’s lawyers.

The victim also claims that after this encounter the artist began calling her at home asking her to send “explicit sexual photos of her and her friends to her fan club”. Jane Doe argues that the distress caused her to start using drugs and alcohol.

Three months after this aggression, Manson convinced her to travel to New Orleans to attend a concert on December 9, 1995. There he raped her again on the tour bus, “including kisses, breast bites, oral copulation and penetration”.

Jane Doe claims in the lawsuit that Marilyn Manson used her status to access her to cajole, manipulate and exploit her to satisfy his wishes. Thus, at that time, he abused her on two more occasions and four years later, in 1999, when the victim was 19 years old.

The events occurred with the knowledge of the record labels, who were not only aware of the defendant Warner’s obsession with sexual violence and child sexual assault, but also aided and defended such behavior.

Jane Doe alleges that Interscope records should have safeguarded her from their client’s alleged behaviour. ” At no time did the defendant Interscope Records have a reasonable system or procedure to investigate, monitor their personnel and/or agents, including the defendant Warner, to prevent pre-sexual preparation and sexual harassment, abuse and assaults on supporters, including minors and women”

Written by: BayRadio News

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