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Gold Vibrators Valued at 80,000 Euros Stolen in Sevilla

BayRadio | February 3, 2023

The thieves took vibrators valued at 80,000 euros plus 25,000 euros from the safe.

The CEO of the company distributing sex toys, Mario Romero, confirmed to EFE what happened. The company, located in the Logistics Park of Carmona (Seville) had suffered the theft of vibrators lined in 24 carat gold.

The value of the stolen goods would reach 80,000 euros. They are gold and steel products which price is between 16,000 and 17,000 euros worth of gold and between 2,000 and 3,000 euros worth of steel.

It looks like a premeditated action. The more than 70 employees work three shifts from six in the morning to ten at night. Before midnight, around 11:41 in the morning, the thieves entered the Dreamlove company. In addition, they had cut the wiring of the street lamps leaving the street in the dark. He claims that the theft system carried out has similarities with two other robberies suffered in the same business park two years ago.

They were prepared to commit the theft of gold vibrators. In addition, they took 25,000 euros from the company’s safe. The company’s cameras show three people with their faces covered. It is unknown if anyone helped from the inside.

These gold-lined vibrators are scarce. The CEO of the company assured that they were very scarce and easily identifiable.

The company that has suffered the theft is expanding, not only in Spain, as it also distributes to other countries in Europe and to the United States, South Africa and Hong Kong, among others.

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