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Goodbye To face Masks on Public Transport in Spain

BayRadio | February 8, 2023

It will enter into force today when it is published in the Official State Gazette.

After almost three years, Spanish users of any public transport (airplane, train, subway, bus and taxi) will no longer have to wear a face mask. This measure, which has been in force since May 2020, changes today, although it will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, health centres and pharmacies.

The Government, which continues to recommend its use for the most vulnerable people when there are large amounts of people – has approved the decree that puts an end to the obligatory nature, although it recommends its use for people with symptoms or vulnerable people. In addition to transport, it is no longer necessary in opticians’ shops, hearing centres or orthopedic centres.

Most users have agreed with this measure communicated by the Minister of Health. However, others more cautious, admit that they are still afraid to get rid of it when there are many people in the means of transport. Many others had anticipated the approval of this measure and no longer use it.

The mandatory use of the mask will be maintained in some places, such as healthcare centres, hospitals or health centres, and in social healthcare centres, such as pharmacies or dental clinics, for their workers and customers.

Let us remember that although the mask is disappearing from our lives, it was a very effective measure to stop the advance of the pandemic. Now it is up to us to be more responsible and protect, on a voluntary basis, the most vulnerable.

Written by BayRadio

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