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For Safety Reasons, the European Commission has banned the Use of TikTok Among Its employees.

BayRadio | February 24, 2023

The European Commission, from this Thursday, has banned the use of TikTok on corporate devices of its workers, as well as on personal devices affiliated as a measure of protection against cybersecurity threats.

The European Commission has made a final decision, since this Thursday the use of the Chinese application, TikTok will be prohibited for all employees. Therefore, on their devices they will not be able to have the application installed as a measure of protection against actions and threats in cybersecurity.

“Since the beginning of the mandate, the European Commission has had a strong interest in cybersecurity (..) and a decision has been taken today to preserve the institution” said the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton. It has also justified that there were “some reasons for taking this decision”.

The spokesman of the institution has indicated that employees will have until March 15th to delete the application of their corporate devices -for the moment, no aspect of their personal phones have been occluded- the Commission has limited its decision on corporate aspects.

The measure applies to the Commission’s strict internal cybersecurity policies applicable to the use of mobile devices in workplace communications.

The decision was taken mainly because of Brussels’ fear of third parties exploiting the application against the Commission’s corporate environment. In addition, it has been announced that other social networks will be examined.

It is a measure that has been on the table for several months. In Brussels, TikTok and several other social networks have been the focus of attention. In January the CEO of the Chinese company, Shou Zi Chew, informed him of his intention to ban use in the European Union if it did not prevent minors from having access to “life-threatening videos” and that users’ data “are transferred to third countries”.

In addition, the Commission’s recommendations, which have been made to its staff for some time, include incorporating a high level of awareness into its daily work. At the same time as the US Congress, the European Commission is taking steps to prohibit its employees and legislators from installing the app on their devices.

This has also been adopted in Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and at institutions such as the University of Florida. The controversy in the US about the use of TikTok worsened since it began to discover the management of Bytedance: the company that spied on journalists.

Written by BayRadio

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