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British Man Arrested for Alleged Rape of BA Flight Attendant in Barbados

BayRadio | March 9, 2023
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A British national has been arrested in Barbados on suspicion of the rape of a British Airways flight attendant. The alleged attack reportedly occurred after a night out, while the victim was staying at a hotel on the Caribbean island in preparation for a scheduled flight home. The attack has caused shock and outrage both within the local community and the airline industry, and has resulted in the cancellation of a British Airways flight from Barbados to London.

The victim was reportedly attacked while staying at a £550-a-night hotel on the island. Fellow cabin crew have given statements to local police regarding the incident. Barbados police spokesman Inspector Rodney Inniss confirmed that an individual of British nationality was being questioned in connection with the attack. “There are no formal charges at this stage,” he added.

The incident was reported to the Hastings-Worthing Police Station in Barbados on Monday morning, and an investigation was launched immediately upon receipt of the report. Inspector Inniss stated that the investigation is now at a “very sensitive stage”. British Airways has sent its own investigators and a support team to the island to help their staff, while the victim is receiving support from both the airline and local authorities.

A British Airways spokesman commented on the incident, stating that “this is a police matter and we’re supporting our colleagues at this time.” The airline has not released any further information regarding the incident or the victim.

The cancellation of the flight from Barbados to London has left passengers stranded on the island, with many unaware of the reason for the delay. The airline has not yet announced whether the flight will be rescheduled, or how it plans to assist passengers affected by the cancellation.

The alleged rape has sent shockwaves through the airline industry, and has once again brought the issue of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace to the forefront of public attention. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of taking measures to prevent and address sexual violence and harassment in all workplaces, and highlights the need for continued efforts to create safe and respectful working environments for all employees.

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