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Gwyneth Paltrow Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Causing Brain Injury to a Man While Skiing

BayRadio | March 22, 2023

Gwyneth Paltrow Faces Lawsuit Over Allegedly Causing Brain Injury and 4 Broken Ribs While Skiing

Gwyneth Paltrow finds herself in the midst of yet another controversy, as she faces a civil trial for allegedly causing serious injuries to retired optometrist Terry Sanderson while skiing in 2016. Sanderson claims that Paltrow was “out of control” and collided with him on the beginner slope at the Deer Valley resort in Park City, causing a brain injury, four broken ribs, and other injuries.

The trial, which is expected to last for eight days, will attempt to determine what really happened on the ski slope that day. Sanderson is seeking $300,000 in damages, while Paltrow has countersued, claiming that he was the one who collided with her.

According to Deer Valley’s safety rules, skiers “downhill or in front have the right of way” and others should “avoid them.” Sanderson claims he was uphill at the time of the collision, while Paltrow’s defense argues that his vision and hearing were impaired due to a previous stroke and he could not have seen her coming.

Paltrow’s defense also points out that Sanderson received immediate assistance from a ski instructor and patrol after the accident. Sanderson claims that he was unable to act due to his concussion and issues with lawyers.

With both sides presenting contradictory versions of events, it remains to be seen what the judge will decide. For now, it’s a tough and complicated week for the Oscar-winning actress as she faces this lawsuit.

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