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Goodbye to 100ml Liquid Limit on Flights: London Airport Leads the Way!

BayRadio | April 5, 2023
London 100ml

London City Airport has made a historic change to its security rules, allowing air travelers to carry up to two litres of liquid in their luggage from Tuesday. The move is significant because it marks the end of the 100ml liquid restriction that has been in place since 2006, when terrorists attempted to use liquid explosives to blow up a plane at Heathrow Airport.

City Airpor
London City Airport

Passengers traveling through London City Airport will benefit from new high-tech scanners that can detect liquids in 3D. The airport will deploy new TAC machines that use technology similar to that used in hospitals. The machines will scan the luggage in high resolution from all angles, allowing airport staff to inspect it thoroughly.

The UK government aims to install the new scanners at all airports in the country by June 2024 to increase security measures. The move by London City Airport is seen as a significant step towards achieving this goal

In addition to lifting the 100ml liquid restriction, the airport has also removed the requirement for passengers to place their liquids in a transparent bag and take electronic devices out of their luggage.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport, said in a statement: “London City Airport is moving in the right direction. The start of the year has been in line with expectations, but we will see a radical change from the Easter period, and we will be ready to serve passenger levels close to those of 2019.”

The change in security rules is expected to be welcomed by passengers, who will now be able to travel with more liquids in their luggage without having to worry about restrictions.

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