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Health Department Confirms Delay in Lifting Mandatory Mask Requirement in Healthcare and Pharmacies

BayRadio | June 27, 2023

The withdrawal of mandatory masks in healthcare centers and pharmacies will not be addressed in today’s Council of Ministers meeting. Minister of Health, José Manuel Miñones, has confirmed that the definitive removal of mask requirements in health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities will not be discussed during today’s Council of Ministers meeting.

Although the measure was supported by experts from the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (Ccaes), led by Fernando Simón, it has been decided to postpone the end of mask mandates after analyzing the situation.

“We know that it won’t be discussed tomorrow in the Council of Ministers because it’s not just about masks but an entire health crisis decree, which needs to be reviewed and undergo the corresponding administrative procedures,” explained Miñones.

He further stated, “We have consulted the Interterritorial Council of Health, which was the main objective. As soon as we can, and that’s our goal, we will make the corresponding announcement regarding the withdrawal of masks and all the measures approved under that crisis decree.”

Miñones emphasized the importance of providing accurate information, stating, “It’s crucial to inform correctly that the removal of masks is not currently authorized. What we aim for is a high recommendation.” In February, the Ministry of Health decided to remove the mask requirement in public transportation, where they had been mandatory since May 2020. However, their use continued to be advisable for vulnerable individuals or those with respiratory infection symptoms.

Recently, the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities also agreed to remove mask mandates in healthcare centers, socio-healthcare facilities, and pharmacies.

However, in other spaces such as ICUs, areas with immunocompromised patients, operating rooms, oncology zones, and emergency departments, masks will continue to be used.

Written by BayRadio

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