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The BayRadio European News -19.07.23

BayRadio | July 20, 2023

The heatwave across the northern hemisphere will intensify this week, with a surge in overnight temperatures and increased risk of heart attacks and deaths, the UN’s weather forecaster has said. Temperatures across North Africa and the Mediterranean, in North America and Asia will be above 40C for a prolonged number of days,” the World Meteorological Organization says.

Heatwave Europe

The EU has announced it will weigh in with help to combat wildfires in Greece after Athens requested support from fellow member states, four firefighting planes will be dispatched to the country from Italy and France after activation of the bloc’s civil protection mechanism.


An investigation has identified military units under Russia’s command that carried out human rights abuses last year during the occupation of the Ukrainian city of Izium where a mass grave, containing 447 bodies including the remains of 22 Ukrainian soldiers was discovered, as well as several torture chambers.


Cypriot diplomats are seeking to revive peace talks on the divided island with proposed appointments of UN and EU envoys in a bid to find a federal solution five decades after occupation of the north of the island by Turkish troops.


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