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The BayRadio European News – 20.07.23

BayRadio | July 20, 2023
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Russia says all ships travelling to Ukrainian ports on Black Sea to be considered carriers of military equipment from today. The ministry did not say what actions it might take.

Black Sea

The extreme heat in the northern hemisphere is putting an increasing strain on healthcare systems, hitting those least able to cope the hardest, the World Health Organization says. The heat often worsens pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and asthma.

Gr1 Lrg

Greek meteorologists are warning that the worst is still to come as the country braces for another heat wave. While gale-force winds, which have been fanning fires, are expected to subside climatic conditions that are both extremely hot and dry will ensure that the danger of wildfires persists.

Fires Greece

Temperatures reached almost 47C in southern Italy yesterday and factory workers threatened to strike over the extreme heat, unions said temperatures in factories in southern regions were nearing 40C.


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