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Audi Motor Pacífico welcomes, once again, the e-tron caravan in Alicante

BayRadio | November 7, 2023
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Audi Motor Pacífico has once again had the Audi e-tron Caravan in its facilities, and more specifically in the town of San Juan, located in Alicante. On this occasion, the members of the caravan were there on 10th and 11th October. Audi brought the entire electric range, which it has at the moment. The models are the Q4, Q4 Sportback, Q8, Q8 Sportback, and one of the brand’s most striking sports cars, the RS e-tron GT.

As part of this brand action, the dealership’s customers had a prior briefing on the present and future of the brand, in which things were told as they are regarding the electric vehicle with anecdotes, battery durability, run time, charging on a long trip… in this way, and in a theoretical way, they were able to verify the enormous advances in the electric car in a short time.

After the talk, given by professional drivers who knew all the secrets of the e-tron range, it was time to test them and the clients who were driving during the journey were directed in their vehicles by the instructors, giving them guidelines on driving. of these modern cars.

The route was carried out around San Juan, heading towards Mutxamel and passing by the 1880 Y El Lobo nougat factory, towards Xixona along the Busot road, with a winding route full of curves in which I can see, the behavior of the car on this type of terrain.

At Audi Motor Pacífico, we will always be aligned with new ways of mobility, and this will not be an exception. Because the Audi range of the future will gradually become a range with all 100% electric models. And it has the sought-after label 0, which allows entry to the Low Emissions Zone without any type of restriction.



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