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Roger “Twiggy” Day

[Weekend Presenter]


In 1965 I appeared on Southern TV’s Pop The Question at the Winter Gardens as a contestant answering questions on Pop music(Surprise) Well my nickname was “Juke Box Jo” My team won of course and Muriel young presented me with three L.P’s. Guest group were the Fortunes by the way and Chris Andrews was on my team, or was I on his.

The day after that I got a phone call from David Davies the assistant manager at Dreamland Ballroom asking if I wanted to be the resident DJ.

In 1966 for my 21st birthday celebration I went to the Big L night out at the Marquee. Met Dave Cash and asked how I could get into radio. He advised me to contact these Americans who were starting a new station. That night met them at the Hilton and was hired immediately.

May 66 First broadcasts on Swinging Radio England-

In 1967 I joined Radio Caroline South. Stayed with them after the Labour Government passed the MOA in an attempt to close the stations. Most did but Caroline fought on. Best time of my life .
Got the nickname “Twiggy” due to me being very thin.

In 1968 it was a sad day, on March 3rd. Radio Caroline towed to Holland and ceased broadcasting

In May I joined Radio Luxembourg and stayed until November.

In December I compered the Beach Boys British Tour(It’s me on the Live In London CD recorded at the London Palladium)

In 1969I was touring round the country with my mobile disco and came back to live in Surbiton.

In 1970 Back to sea again with RNI broadcasting off Holland and England.

Regularly voted in the top ten most popular DJ’s

In 1971 as well as Discos started doing programmes for the United Biscuit Network

In 1974 I moved to Manchester(well Stockport). First voice on Piccadilly Radio, Britain’s fifth commercial station. Had a great time there. Head Of Music

In 1979 I moved to BRMB in Birmingham..

In 1983I started at Radio West Bristol..

In 1984 I went back home to Kent to help set up Invicta Radio. Shaky start but after six months a management shake up, I was promoted to Programme Director and some very successful years followed. Very proud of what I achieved there.

In 1992 Invicta Radio was taken over and new owners axed me

I joined Pirate FM in Cornwall, well with that name I had to be there. Loved every minute, happy memories

In 1994 I went back to Manchester and Piccadilly Gold

In 1995 County Sound, Guildford.

In 2003 Saga Radio in Birmingham. And occasional shifts at BBC Radio Kent

In 2007 I took over the evening show for the BBC in the South. Broadcasting from Tunbridge Wells over Radio’s Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Solent, Berkshire and Oxford.

Plus of course broadcasts for the excellent Pirate BBC Essex

Now living in Spain. Play tennis and have every hit record since 1955.

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