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Taking CBD Products on Flights: Essential Information for UK to ...

Laura | March 16, 2023 close

As the popularity of CBD for potential health advantages grows in the UK, it’s no surprise that individuals wish to carry their preferred items with them while journeying. The legality of CBD oil, however, may be complicated, particularly regarding air transportation. We spoke with Robby Thompson, proprietor of Pure Organic […]

UK News

“Reckless Driver Caught Speeding 22 Times in 3 Weeks on ...

Laura | March 9, 2023 close

Laundry Delivery Driver Faces Losing License with 81 Penalty Points for Repeated Speeding Offences A laundry delivery driver for Galicia Laundry, Peter McPherson, faces the possibility of having 81 penalty points added to his license after being caught speeding 22 times on the same stretch of road in less than […]

Spanish News

For Safety Reasons, the European Commission has banned the Use ...

Laura | February 24, 2023 close

The European Commission, from this Thursday, has banned the use of TikTok on corporate devices of its workers, as well as on personal devices affiliated as a measure of protection against cybersecurity threats. The European Commission has made a final decision, since this Thursday the use of the Chinese application, […]


The BayRadio News From Spain – 9th February 2023

Laura | February 9, 2023 close

Travel: Covid ‘passport’ boosts mobility of Spanish

Laura | July 21, 2021 close

THE European Union digital Covid-19 certificate is allowing Spanish people to travel and “return to mobility”, health chiefs said. More than nine million residents have downloaded the so-called Covid ‘passport’; which proves they have been immunised against coronavirus, received a negative test result, or have recovered from the disease. Spain’s […]