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Every weekday from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 15:00  (CET)


What can we say about Dougie that he doesn’t tell us below?

…..Well, in between his “real” jobs, he’s also got the huge task of keeping us on air and does a great job of it too!


He has a secret presenter alongside him, the love of his life – Floyd the dog. Floyd doesn’t have much to say when on air, but can be often seen complaining that “I want to go home dad.”


Dougie’s show just wouldn’t be the same without Foxy Roxy on the ‘Lost Lyric’, the sexiest bunch of ‘zeros and ones’ on the radio! And not forgetting Bay Selecta, which gives you the chance to choose the tune you’d like to hear.


Dougie, affectionately known as “oi’ don’t do that” for the first fifteen years of his life, hails from the vibrant city of Brighton.

Despite societal expectations for him to ‘grow up,’ Dougie had other plans.

As soon as he had the freedom to choose his career, he boldly wrote ‘DJ’ on his forms, signaling that adulthood would have to wait.


His careers officer and father, distinct individuals, concurred that a ‘proper job’ was inevitable.

The compromise led Dougie to the wireless broadcasting industry, where he meticulously honed his on-air skills and off-air production for over thirty years.


Known by the alias Doygal, he shared the stage with notable figures such as Fatboy Slim, Alex P, Brandon Block, and the artist from ‘Massivo’ during their ’90s hit cover of Minnie Riperton’s “Lovin’ You.” Although he’s crossed paths with numerous other luminaries, humility prevents him from dropping too many names – or maybe he just can’t remember them all. One exception is his role in presenting the Capital Radio Group’s highly successful ‘Party In The Park,’ where he collaborated with Gary Barlow and various artists whose names may not grace the charts today.


Dougie likes house and soul music, peanut butter and Chateau Neuf Du Pape…..oh and ice-cream, he does love his ice-cream.


Dougie can be heard playing at various venues up and down the Costa Blanca and on BayRadio weekdays from 11am ’til 3pm, on Saturdays at midday for ‘Ride On The Rhythm’ and at 14:00, The Bay Radio Top Ten and later from 23:00 it’s mr mack – Ascension