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Preventorio clean up

BayRadio | April 16, 2015

Last Friday a convoy of cars lead by Andy Barnish took us to the Preventorio in Gandia to start the massive clearing of the very neglected gardens at the children’s home.

Headed by Nicole Robertz and her team from JARDINERIA EDENGARDEN everyone was given a task to do and so we began !! There was a group of about 21 of us and in blazing sunshine we pulled pruned and dug only stopping for water breaks.

Nuria the school cook made us a lovely lunch of hot boccadios which everyone one of us were so grateful of, despite telling them we were ok they wouldn’t hear of it. It was their way of saying thank you for making the gardens clean and safe for the children.

The job is far from finished yet and another date needs to be set so that we can go back to continue the clean up.

Nicole and her group of Palm tree cleaners have offered their services for free again !! They cleaned 23 Palms and there are 7 left to do.

We could never have achieved this without the help of all the people who volunteered to give up their Friday.

I can only say a HUGE THANK YOU we couldn’t have done it without you.

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