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How to donate Bomberos and Civil protection Javea

BayRadio | September 16, 2016

An official bank account has been set up by Javea’s town hall for those wishing to donate to the voluntary Bomberos and civil protection services who gave their time and lives to protect the town of Javea.

Due to the overwhelming amount of fundraising requests the town hall has announced that the 24th of September will be ‘Solidarity day’ where those wishing to raise funds should email:  [email protected]

to take part in the event held at Placa Constitucio, Javea Old Town.

There will also be a display of vehicles and equipment used by the firefighters and their teams.

To donate funds can be made payable to AYUNTAMIENTO DE JAVEA-APORTACIONES A AGRUPACIONES VOLUTARIOS INCENDIO 04/09/2016 with NIF P0308200E: ES15-0081-1045-90-0001413245 If you wish, please state your full name in the concept.

If you require official acknowledgement please email:  [email protected]



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