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BayRadio | January 17, 2017

APAC Denia are a little known charity with the biggest hearts we have ever seen. Particularly the lady behind all this Jules Winstanly Jones. Jules has tirelessly rescued and reared over 100 horses who have been mistreated, abandoned and abused. She has shown them love, provided a caring home and regained their trust whilst providing the space and surroundings to aid this rehabilitation. Sadly bad news is on the horizon as the field the horses use to graze and play is now being sold. Not only is this a logistical nightmare for Jules and the team, she is finding that the little food the horses do have that has been kindly donated and is now stored outside the temporary fields, is being stolen now the fields are not visible. Truly heartbreaking. We ask if you could PLEASE help by clicking the link below and donating what you can to help the wonderful team at APAC continue the tremendous work they do…

Written by BayRadio

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