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Jeremy Corbyn as caretaker PM ‘only failsafe way’ to stop no-deal Brexit

BayRadio | August 28, 2019

A shadow minister criticises an “extremely petulant” dismissal of Labour’s plan to avoid Britain exiting the EU with no agreement.

Installing Jeremy Corbyn as caretaker prime minister is the “only failsafe way” of avoiding a no-deal Brexit in less than 68 days’ time, a Labour shadow minister has claimed.

Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, implored MPs opposed to leaving the EU without a divorce agreement to support Labour’s plan to bring down Boris Johnson’s government through a no-confidence motion.

 Mr Corbyn has promised, in such a scenario, he would then enter 10 Downing Street on a temporary basis in order to call a general election.

Labour would contest a general election with the promise of offering voters the chance to reverse Brexit through a second EU referendum.

The Labour leader is meeting with other party leaders and senior MPs wanting to block a no-deal Brexit on Tuesday, where he will outline his proposal as well as listen to their alternative plans – such as attempting to introduce legislation to force a further extension to Article 50.

However, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has already dismissed Mr Corbyn’s strategy as unworkable as, she claimed, a majority of MPs in the House of Commons would not support him entering 10 Downing Street.

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge On Sunday show, Mr Gardiner branded Ms Swinson’s response “extremely petulant”.

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