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The best Black Friday offers and an unforgettable experience are awaiting you in our Habaneras shopping center.

BayRadio | November 27, 2019

Up to 70% discounts, the possibility of winning 300 euros in gift cards and becoming the new image of Habaneras will make sure you enjoy the darkest weekend of the whole year here at Habaneras.

The Centro Comercial Habaneras, managed by JLL, is always prepared to provide the best offers to its clients. But with the arrival of Black Friday, Habaneras has topped itself.

During the darkest weekend of the year, the shopping center will be prepared to offer the biggest discounts on fashion, accessories, household items, beauty, etc. And as if this were not enough, during the 29th and 30th of November, its visitors will have the opportunity to redeem their receipts in order to win gift cards with a total value of 300 euros.
Additionally, if you would like to become an influencer for one day, our shopping center is offering you the chance of becoming the protagonist of one of our next campaigns.

The ones interested in redeeming their receipts, will only need to download the Habaneras App on their phones, and validate their tickets with one of the hostesses that can be found in the mall. For each 20 euro that are validated, a virtual voucher will be obtained and can be verified from our App. With these vouchers, lies the possibility of participating in an online lottery next Monday 2nd of December, which as it happens, coincides with the famous day of Cybermonday. The participants will not have to worry about doing anything else but being on alert in the Habaneras App, because on that same day at 17:00h, Habaneras will announce through the [H]APP the winner of the 300 euros.

As we already disclosed, Habaneras will provide the most adventurous ones withthe opportunity of fulfilling one of their dreams; becoming an influencer for a day and the protagonist of our next campaign. A unique experience, only suitable for those who demonstrate having a True [H]Addict attitude, which simply consists in being oneself and showing how enjoyable an afternoon of shopping at Habaneras can be.

As simple as that. Additionally, Habaneras will make it extremely easy for you to enjoy yourself, by creating a fantastic atmosphere just for the occasion: thanks to an exclusive Chester corner, it will be possible to have the opportunity of enjoying a glass of cava, tasting one of our delicious chocolates or relishing from your shopping from a marvelous, chic vertical garden.

From all of the participants, the next image of Habaneras will be chosen, who will be able to experience an unforgettable journey in VIP style, accompanied by one of the best professionals in the field. And as a souvenir, a professional photography portfolio will be made, totally for free.

Habaneras offers all you need to enjoy a Real BLACK FRIDAY, with a lot of attitude. If you consider yourself a Real [H]Addict… Come show us!

Written by BayRadio

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