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Make your dreams come true this Christmas in Habaneras shopping center

BayRadio | December 5, 2019

That unique magical feeling of Christmas has arrived at Habaneras shopping center to ensure the happiness of its clients and of their families during this special time of the year. The Habaneras Shopping Center, managed by MVGM, strives to ensure that every Christmas is both unique and special. During this time of the year, our team in Headquarters works extremely hard to make sure all your dreams come true and your experience here at Habaneras is as special as you deserve.

In order to fulfill your wishes, right after the visit of the green Christmas dwarf and the lighting up of the Christmas lights last Saturday, Habaneras planned numerous activities addressed to the whole family. One of our specials, is the raffle of a magical family dinner invitation between all of its clients. In order to win this, just send us a picture with your loved ones, bringing on your true Christmas spirit in one of the catering establishments of Habaneras, and sharing the picture on social media with the hashtag #RealFamilyXmas.

Like every year, solidarity plays a special role in Habaneras during Christmas, and that’s why we have decided to work together with an animal shelter in order to promote their adoption within the visitors of the mall, who will have the opportunity to adopt a new friend and provide them with a home. Additionally, like every year, we will have a special solidarity spot for both toy and food donations.

During these special dates, the commercial center becomes a place filled with magic where both adults and kids have a blast. This year, its visitors will be able to enjoy our tiny Christmas home, located in the central square; a place where kids will be captivated with magnificent Christmas stories about the little story-telling soldier, with the possibility of demonstrating their artistic qualities on our gigantic interactive piano. Last but not least, kids will have the chance of writing letters filled with their dreams and hopes, and handing them in directly to Santa and their Majesty King Gaspar.

For more information on the upcoming Christmas activities, visit our Habaneras webpage;, where a calendar with all activities can be downloaded, as well as the rules of participation in the Christmas dinner raffle.

This Christmas, your dreams will come true at our Habaneras shopping mall.


Written by BayRadio

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