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130 fines issued in Calp for not wearing a mask on beach-front paseos

BayRadio | July 13, 2020

Policia Local in Calp have fined 130 pedestrians for walking along its beach-front paseos without a sanitary mask.

The fines are regulated by the ministerial order (SND/422/2020) that came into effect on May 19, giving police powers to fine citizens who are not wearing masks where social distancing rules cannot be respected.

Pedestrians were fined after receiving an initial warning, and then spotted again without a mask in the same area, police sources revealed.

Calp’s town hall have warned that the arrival of tourism has ‘multiplied’ the population of the Costa Blanca destination.

The fines for not wearing a mask can reach up to 100 euros, police sources said.

Written by BayRadio

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