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Limited 13€ LIDL shoes sell out in hours across Spain

BayRadio | October 16, 2020

LIDL launched home-brand sports shoes across Spain for just 13€ last July – now they are selling for 200€+ online.

LIDL re-launched sales of its popular 13€ sports shoes on Wednesday this week. By 10am, they were sold out.

Now Spanish online marketplaces are flooded with the bright yellow-blue shoes selling for upwards of 200€.

One post for 199€ on Wallapop reads: “Limited edition LIDL. Sold out in shops and with no future re-stocking. Seriously.”

Another 200€ offer for calls the shoes ‘exclusive’ and waxes lyrical about the ‘iconic blue, yellow and red’ colours.

Mercadona also recently announced a new line of shoes:

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