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Can I leave my province during the new state of alarm?

BayRadio | October 26, 2020

The Spanish government has introduced a second ‘state of alarm’ across the country – read about it here.

Last Sunday, Spain’s national government published a royal decree announcing a second nationwide state of alarm.

According to the document on the Boletín Oficial de Estado, each of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities has the power to close their own borders.

*UPDATE: 11 regions have now closed their borders – read more here. The Valencian Community has also closed its borders, read here.

According to the State of Alarm document, drives may only enter or exit the closed frontier of an autonomous community for the following 10 reasons:

  1. Assistance to health and sanitary centres.
  2. Compliance with professional, work, business or legal obligations.
  3. Assistance to schools and universities.
  4. Assistance and care of older, youngers, those with vulnerabilities and those dependent on others.
  5. Travel to financial or insurance appointments as well as refuelling stations in local territories.
  6. Urgent action required for public or judicial bodies.
  7. Renewal of permits of any official documentation appointments that cannot be postponed.
  8. Taking official exams or tests that cannot be postponed.
  9. For any extreme situation or emergency.
  10. Any other situation that is duly credited and explained.

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