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Border closure around Valencian Community extended to 19 November

BayRadio | November 12, 2020

The Valencian Community will keep its territorial borders closed for another seven days – until at least 19th November.

A second extension to the border closure was approved via decree last Thursday, 5th November, until midnight tonight. (Official source.)

A new closure has not yet been published in the official bulletin of the Valencian region (DOGV).

But Valencian Community president, Ximo Puig, yesterday told reporters that ‘everything pointed to’ closure for seven more days.

When the decree is published, we will post a link here.

A map of the Valencian Community (Comunidad Valenciana)

The closure means police blocks could meet travellers wishing to enter or exit the Valencian Community.

It shares borders with Cataluña and Aragón in the north, Castilla-La Mancha in the west and Murcia to the south.

Read the 11 exemptions to cross-border travel in our first write-up of the closures here.

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