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POLL: 60% of Spain in favour of 2nd lockdown – are you?

BayRadio | November 17, 2020

A survey from Spanish data analyst start-up 40db found 61.2% of respondents in favour of a second home lockdown. Are you? – Vote below.

The majority of Spaniards (61.2%) would support a second home lockdown.

This is despite Spain’s GDP plummeting 18.5% between April and June this year – the biggest drop ever recorded.

Spain witnessed the biggest drop in its GDP (PIB) since its Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) was set up, in 1970. Source.

The first lockdown (14th March – 20th June) also saw 1.2 million fines meted out to the public.

The continuing restrictions on employment have also seen 648,384 people declare themselves unemployed since the start of the pandemic. Source.

But Spanish data analyst 40db (in co-operation with leading newspaper El País) found the majority of 2,000 respondents are still in favour of a 2nd lockdown.

In the past few weeks, regional authorities have called on the central government to authorise home lockdowns in areas with spiking COVID-19 cases.

The Ministerio de Sanidad has ruled out such a move, arguing that the measures under the current state of alarm are enough to lower contagions.

(Watch a BayRadio News video of health chief Fernando Simon discussing why a home lockdown is not necessary here, with English subtitles.)

You can see a slideshow (in Spanish) of 40db’s survey here.


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