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270 cross-border workers in Gibraltar first to receive vaccine in Spain

BayRadio | December 7, 2020

Spanish care workers in the UK territory of Gibraltar will be among the first Spanish nationals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The UK was the first country to Europe to approve the Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus last week – meaning Gibraltar can begin vaccinations before the neighbouring Spanish mainland.

HM Government of Gibraltar said 35,000 doses have been requested.

The population of Gibraltar is 34,000 but each person needs two doses to become immune to COVID-19.

The government said the first people to be immunised will therefore be those over 80, as well as care home workers, care agencies and any subcontracted workers looking after the elderly.

More than 9,200 Spanish nationals cross the Gibraltar border to work.

Vaccination plans are still being drawn up, but around 273 workers working in care agencies looking after the elderly could become the first Spanish nationals to receive the Pfizer vaccine – El País reports.

“Many of us will be vaccinated even before the Gibraltarians,” said Antonio Sánchez, a Spanish national, and carer for two children with autism at a youth care centre.

“I’m one of the first. They will begin vaccinating us next week, will all probability.

“I prefer to risk it with a vaccine, that might not be 100% effective, but with the aim of returning life back to normal.”

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