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Russia’s Ironic Advertisement of a Horse-Drawn Car ‘Inviting’ Europe to Change their Vehicles.

BayRadio | December 19, 2022

Without a car and towed by a horse, Russia predicts the near future of Europeans to be unable to move from one place to another due to the uncontrolled rise of fuel prices.

The new Russian campaign dedicated to Europe is being distributed from Moscow and Russian Telegram channels. In it you can see how a person gets into his car and discovers that he has run out of gas. Unable to refill the tank, it eventually has to be towed by a horse.

With this announcement, Russia wants to warn its European neighbours of the future price increase that fuel will ‘suffer’. Although the one who will suffer the most will be our pocket.

After the fuel controversy, which has accompanied the war in each step of the way, it seems that Putin wants to fulfill the threats after being sanctioned several times by the European Union. However, Europe is already looking for other resources to replace Russian gas, so as not to suffer any national blackout.

The announcement ends with an ‘important’ tip, written in both English and Russian, which reads: “Dear Europeans, switch to alternative transport because soon fuel will be too expensive”.

Several European countries are already preparing for a possible power outage, including France and Germany.

The country led by Emmanuel Macron already left 125,000 homes without electricity on December 9th as a result of a “technical failure in a transformer” by energy supplier Enedis. Although the Gaulish executive had already warned of possible power cuts, this was not in their plans. Fortunately it was resolved quickly.

From Germany the government has already guaranteed the supply for this winter, but an internal document made public by the press recognises the possibility of power cuts of up to ninety minutes. The cuts could occur in the south-west of the country, which suggests that it would be carried out in relation to the commitment to help France with electricity.

Written by BayRadio

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