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A Mother of Four Dies of a Heart Attack After Waiting for an Ambulance for 11 Hours

BayRadio | January 9, 2023
Uk Ambulance

Hannah Houghton, who suffered from cystic fibrosis, had to wait 11 hours for the ambulance to arrive. She was taken to hospital, but died within three days.

A tragedy happened in Birmingham, UK. Hannah Houghton, a 36-year-old woman, suffered from cystic fibrosis and struggled to breathe on December 18th at her home in Kings Norton. Her fiancé, James Jackman, called the emergency service at 19:20, but they did not arrive until 06:15 the next day and Hannah died within days.

The woman suffered from cystic fibrosis, which is a disorder that damages the lungs, the digestive tract and other organs. That day, she was having a hard time breathing, but it took the ambulance almost 11 hours to arrive since James’ call. She was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where she was treated for dangerously low blood pressure.

Unfortunately, Hannah died three days later, on December 22nd, after suffering a heart attack.

She died three days later, on December 22nd, after suffering a heart attack. “Who really knows, but I think if the treatment had started 11 hours earlier, we might be talking about a different situation. Instead, we now have four motherless children,” James said, criticising the tardiness of emergency professionals.

“I sat with her until the paramedics showed up, I couldn’t believe it. I sat with her for ten minutes, told her I loved her and then she left,” he recalled. The victim’s fiancé now demands a response from the UK government and health authorities.

At no time did he directly criticise the paramedics, clarifying that they did a great job but that, upon arriving, he thought they looked “exhausted”. A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service explained that the “overload” of patients in British hospitals is causing major delays. In fact, in some cases, there is no choice but to treat patients in ambulances.

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