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Prince Harry Spills the Tea in his New Autobiography and Causes Uproar Before the Book is Released

todayJanuary 9, 2023

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Prince Harry also claims that he killed 25 people during his military service in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot.

The new details of Prince Harry’s autobiography once again shake the Royal Family. In the first advance he explained his violent fight with his brother William. In the book, Harry claims to have contacted a woman with powers to speak with Diana, his mother. Words found at the end of that 400-page book.

Harry recounts that, although he knew that “there was a high percentage of probability that it was a hoax,” he decided to see that woman because several close friends recommended her. And when the time came for the meeting “he felt an energy around him”.

The Guardian collects portions of the conversation. This woman with “powers” said, “Your mother is with you,” at which point Harry felt a strong heat on his neck and tears gushed down his cheeks. But it does not end there, this kind of medium came to tell him that his mother knew that “he was looking for clarity and answers to his questions” and that “His mother feels his confusion”, but that all those answers would come only with time, so he had to wait. She claims that, in that conversation, Diana told her that “Harry was living the life she couldn’t. Living the life she wanted for you”.

Harry recounts how after his mother’s death, he has never managed to understand what happened, so he made repeated car trips to the tunnel in Paris where she died. All with the intention of understanding the terrible episode.

In that autobiography he also recounts other experiences, such as killing 25 people during his service in Afghanistan, during six missions in which he participated as a helicopter pilot. Or even that he used cocaine when he was 17. A book that before its release, is already being talked about worldwide.

Hours before his memoirs are published, Prince Harry continues to give interviews and spill inflammatory statements against the royal family.

Last night, the UK sat in front of the TV and they saw Prince Harry, back in charge. His autobiography is expected to be a bestseller. But it can be expensive. If he attends the coronation of his father, King Charles III, next May, Harry will have no official role.

Lady Di’s youngest son, the son of King Charles III, will make his memoirs public this Tuesday, although the book is already in the hands of the press. It is something that Harry did not have to care much about because he has also given several interviews in which he reveals hard moments of his life. The prince has assured that he does not want “history to repeat itself” and his children to grow up “without a mother or a father”.

Harry has charged some members of his family and his public appearances: “The relationship between certain family members and the tabloid press? They have decided to get into bed with the devil and thus rehabilitate their image”

“Everyone knows where I was and what I was doing the night my mother died. I cried once at the funeral. It was strange the guilt I had, and I think William felt it too”

And I explain the controversial process it went through,” he said.

Harry has also explained more details of how he felt at Diana’s funeral in Wales: “Everyone thought and felt they knew our mother, and the two people closest to her, the two people most loved by her… could not show any emotion at the time”.

Harry is once again a headache for the British Royal Family, which has made no statement about the memoirs or interviews. Anyone who has published anything about the prince has been the conservative British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’, where they say that Harry’s criticism deteriorated the queen’s health.

If for Elizabeth II, the year 1992 was an “annus horribilis” due to the separation of her young son, the divorce of Princess Anne, the publication of the biography of the Princess of Wales, the transcription of the phone calls raised between the Prince of Wales and Camela Parker-Bowles, the fire at Windsor Castle and many other things… this year could also be another “annus horribilis” for Charles III.

Prince Harry is taking the spotlight away from him, as happened more than two decades ago with Diana of Wales. No statement has yet been made from the British Royal House, but King Charles has already moved to his coronation next May. Your youngest son will be removed. This means that he will have no role in the ceremony… Will he attend? We will find out in less than 5 months.

Written by: BayRadio News

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