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Prince Harry, Speaks About his Older Brother: “They Brought me into the World if Anything Happened to William, as a Backup.”

BayRadio | January 12, 2023

The Duke of Sussex’s memoirs have been the overflow of a river full of mysteries. Harry has also revealed, among many other things, that the first time he used hallucinogenic mushrooms was at the home of well-known actress Courteney Cox.

Some of us could guess where the title of Prince Harry’s book came from: ‘Spare’ What we didn’t imagine was that it was something so radical.

The Duke of Sussex has said in his memoirs that he thinks he was raised “in case something happened to William (his older brother)”, referring to his being “plan B” and ensuring that his role was to be a “distraction” or provide him, if necessary, a spare part to his brother William: “A kidney, perhaps. A blood transfusion”.

Harry’s harsh words are making a dent in the British Royal Family, specifically with his brother William, Prince of Wales, who is one of those directly affected by these statements. Despite this, Harry said that “he would like his father back and would like his brother back” in an interview prior to the publication of his autobiography.

The controversial words of the Duke of Sussex, who confessed that when he was 20, he was told for the first time that his father, Charles III, had received his birth jokingly: “Wonderful! Now you have given me an heir and a spare: my work is done”. ” A joke. Presumably,” said Prince Harry.

If we focus now on the figure of Harry, he has also revealed secrets related to his person. Without going any further, Prince Harry has revealed that the first time he consumed “hallucinogenic mushrooms” he was at a party at the home of the famous actress Courteney Cox, known as Monica, the role she played in ‘Friends’, and who Prince Harry seemed to fall in love with in his youth: “I was still confused because… she was Monica. And I was like Chandler. I wondered if I would ever have the courage to tell her. Was there enough tequila in California to make me so brave?”.

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