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Scotland Yard Scandal: London Police Officer Admits to Being a Serial Rapist

BayRadio | January 18, 2023

The police investigated 800 officers for sexual and domestic violence allegations after a Scotland Yard officer had admitted to a court more than 49 crimes against sexual freedom, including 24 rapes of 12 women.

David Carrick (48) showed his registration card to attract women and give them a false sense of security: ‘I’m a police officer, you can trust me’. After the attacks, he made fun of his victims saying that the authorities would never believe them because he was a police officer and it was his word against theirs. That’s how an officer from Scotland Yard, the London metropolitan police, has acted for more than two decades.

Carrick revealed he was humiliating his victims, whom he called his ‘slaves’, some of whom were locked in a small closet under the stairs for ten hours without food, hit with a belt or forced to clean his house naked.

The officer’s misconduct began more than 20 years ago. David Carrick received five complaints from citizens between 2002 and 2008, including poor treatment, discourtesy and use of force. Two of the incidents were handled by management, but the London police allowed him to remain active despite confesisng to 14 internal investigations.

Despite having at least one domestic incident on file in 2004, Carrick passed the controls to become a firearms officer in 2009 and became an elite police officer, assigned to the parliamentary and diplomatic protection brigade. He was later suspected in a 2016 Hampshire police investigation following a harassment complaint, but was not arrested.

Now, Carrick confesses up to 49 crimes of sexual abuse, including 24 rapes, committed against 12 women whom he raped and tortured. In his 17 years at Scotland Yard he earned the nickname “Bastard Dave” (“Dave the Bastard”) for his rude manners. His companions were alarmed by his behaviour, but until now it was not known how far his excesses had gone.

It is suspected that he committed a total of more than 70 sexual crimes between 2003 and 2020, “protected” by his uniform. This is an unprecedented case, which also highlights the lack of controls on police officers in the UK. Downing Street recognises that this case has “shattered” public trust: “This terrible incident represents a breach of trust and will affect people’s trust in the police”.

Written by BayRadio

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