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King Charles III Expels Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace

BayRadio | January 27, 2023

The British monarch has decided to evict his brother from the official residence: “It is no place for Prince Andrew,” said a source close to King Charles III.

On the 8th of September 2022 the British monarchy suffered the painful loss of Elizabeth II, who was queen for 70 years. At that time Prince Charles became king and since then there have been convulsive times in the royal house of England.

The latest news from there has to do with King Charles III as the British sovereign has decided to expel his brother, Prince Andrew, from Buckingham Palace.

“The king has made it clear that Buckingham is no place for Prince Andrew. First he closed his office last year and now his bedroom. The Duke of York loved having a suite in the palace, where he not only prepared for the marital life with Sarah Ferguson, but used it as a bachelor’s flat after his divorce,” claims a source close to the King.

It seems that King Charles III’s goal is to disassociate his brother from the British royal family since before he expelled him from Buckingham Palace: he stripped him of his military titles, as is the Colonel Chief of the Grenadier Guard, which now belongs to Camila, Queen consort, and he also dispossessed him of his office in the palace.

Just at the end of last September, when Prince Charles had already become King of England, a journalist, Angela Levin, claimed that Prince Andrew had “conspired” against his own brother.

Royal blood against royal blood to prevent the current monarch from ever becoming king. In fact, according to the new biography, the best candidate for the queen’s favourite son was her nephew, Prince William.

Prince Andrew has always been involved in controversy as just a year ago he paid twelve million pounds to Virginia Giuffre in a sexual abuse trial. The Duke of York could thus be saved from judgment.

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