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“Reckless Driver Caught Speeding 22 Times in 3 Weeks on London Road”

BayRadio | March 9, 2023

Laundry Delivery Driver Faces Losing License with 81 Penalty Points for Repeated Speeding Offences

A laundry delivery driver for Galicia Laundry, Peter McPherson, faces the possibility of having 81 penalty points added to his license after being caught speeding 22 times on the same stretch of road in less than three weeks. The offenses were committed on a 30mph stretch of the A40 Westway flyover between July 15 and August 1 last year.

McPherson, who provides linen, towels, and clothing to hotels, spas, and restaurants in London, has already admitted to committing the offenses. His lawyers concede that he already has seven points on his license and could face up to 81 points. Drivers with 12 points typically face an automatic ban, but McPherson is hoping to keep his license by arguing that a disqualification would cause “exceptional hardship.”

According to reports, McPherson was caught on four occasions by average speed cameras on July 15 alone. A temporary 30mph restriction had been imposed on the Westway in 2020 during repairs, but it has now been made permanent. McPherson warned that the situation has jeopardized his job at the laundry, where he has worked since leaving school at 16.

“I’ve been driving on that stretch of road for many years,” he said. “I was so shocked when all these fines were sent to me at work. There was a whole pile of them.”

McPherson, who lives in Wembley, admitted breaking the 30mph limit on the Westway between Terrick Street, White City, and Paddington Green, with speeds ranging from 35 to 41mph. “Our client has instructed us to enter a guilty plea,” said his specialist motoring solicitors from Patterson Law. “In accordance with Schedule 2 Road Traffic Offenders Act for the offenses of speeding, our client will be at risk of 71 to 81 points. At the time of the offense, our client had seven points, so will be at risk of a six-month disqualification for totting 12 or more points during a three-year period.”

The case was first heard behind closed doors through the single justice procedure but will now be dealt with in open court on May 17. McPherson told the Evening Standard that he was “gutted” about facing a ban and that he had never been inside a court before, so he was very nervous. He also expressed hope that he could present an exceptional hardship argument and avoid a disqualification that could threaten his livelihood.

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