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Spain limits Christmas reunions to 10 – curfew until 1.30am 24th and 31st December

BayRadio | December 2, 2020
spain christmas restrictions covid-19

Spain’s health council of 17 autonomous presidents has today agreed on how COVID-19 restrictions will shape this Navidad.

In a televised briefing, the Ministerio de Sanidad today outlined 10 rules that will govern internal movement, family reunions and curfews.

Here is a breakdown:

  1. Autonomous communities will close their borders between 23rd December – 6th January. Any journey between Madrid and Castilla la Mancha, for example, must be justified. (Read here current justifications for entering the Valencian Community.)
  2. Reunions of up to 10 people are allowed on 24th, 25th and 31st of December and 1st of January. The 10 must be from a maximum of two separate households and abide by the so-called 6M rule (see below).
  3. Christmas events – such as the annual Reyes Magos – are ‘discouraged’ .
  4. A special curfew on 24th and 31st December will allow people to remain outside until 01:30 the following morning.
  5. Residents are urged to practise social distancing 10 days before planning to return to a family home for Christmas.
  6. Attending large sporting events is prohibited.
  7. Religious spaces are not allowed to sing and must used pre-recorded music, always respecting interior capacity rules. Kissing figures in nativity scenes is discouraged.
  8. Residents are urged to do their Christmas shopping as early as possible to avoid congregations of people.
  9. Residents of care homes are urged to maintain a single social bubble and only return to one place of residence during the festive period.
  10. Public transport services are urged to provide ample service to avoid congregations of people.

The Ministerio de Sanidad reminded citizens to respect the 6m – see more in their Tweet below.

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