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Spain coronavirus restrictions succeed in dropping country from ‘extreme’ risk after 81 days

BayRadio | December 4, 2020
spain coronavirus cases

Coronavirus restrictions in Spain have seen its accumulated incidence fall from the highest in Europe to currently below Russia, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and more.

Coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Spain fell to 240 in Thursday’s daily update from the Ministerio de Sanidad.

Spain’s accumulated incidence has fallen to 240 cases per 100,000. Source: actualización 264 COVID-19.

Spain was the first European country to hit 1,000,000 recorded coronavirus cases on 21st October.

It also had the highest accumulated incidence in Europe back in August – and held onto that spot until October.

BBC graph showing COVID-19 cases per 100,000 (accumulated incidence) in 5 European countries. Source.

That situation has now reversed. Spain’s accumulated incidence has not been at 240 cases per 100,000 since 14th September – 81 days ago.

Spain currently finds its accumulated incidence below:

  • Portugal (660)
  • Poland (635)
  • Italy (612)
  • The Netherlands (409)
  • UK (344)
  • Germany (302)
  • Belgium (281)
  • France (268)
  • Russia (246)


Spain introduced its four-tier alert system and health criteria on 22nd October – read an overview here.

Based on health criteria, the entire country quickly entered the highest of four categories: extremo.

Yesterday saw the country fall from the maximum extremo category to alto or high risk, as Spain’s coronavirus accumulated incidence fell below the threshold of 250+ cases per 100,000 over 14 days.

But the four-tier alert system also relies upon other data points.

More than 25% occupation of COVID-19 intensive care beds puts a region into extremo, and Spain’s is currently at 25.1%

This is understandable, however, as cases will always fall before hospitalisations. Current critical patients were likely infected over 20 days ago when Spain was still seeing peak infections.

COVID Christmas

Spain’s health ministry agreed on 10 rules that will govern Christmas in the coronavirus second wave – read them here.

The health coordinator Fernando Simón said during a TV briefing on Thursday that Spain could ‘throw away’ its hard work in successfully reducing infections.

He was skeptical Spain could reduce its accumulated incidence to 25 cases per 100,00 by Christmas.

He reminded reporters that five of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities remain on extreme risk: Aragón, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country and La Rioja.

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